Why Is Oneva Leader in Quality ?

1-ISO 22,000

2-Cold Pressing

3-100% Pure oil (not mixed with other oils or synthetic components)

4-Positive feedbacks from clients

Oneva is  Leader in Quality because it pays great importance to the process of  production with the Highest Standards from the moment of seed selection to the smallest details of the process of  production, thus offering a quality and internationally competitive products.

“Our vision is to become one of the world’s leading suppliers by 2023 due to the quality of cold-pressed natural oils,” says Oneva’s manager, Mrs. Zija.

1-IS0 22000 is the highest certification of production in the Food Industry

2- Cold Pressed is the latest technology that enables the production of oils without changing their natural valeus.

3-100% Pure oil, unmixed with other oils and without any added preservatives, colorants or flavorings.

4- Positive  Feedbacks are that crown Oneva as the  Leader in Quality !!!

One of the successes of the Secrets of Nature is the exclusivity it has over Oneva in Albania.

The Secrets of Nature,

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