Which Ages Can Use “The Secrets of Nature Creams”?

Among other factors that change with age,   skin rejuvenation is one of them.

Depending on the age, skin rejuvenations happens:

During childhood: within 14 days

During adolescence: within 21-28 days

Middle ages: within 28-42 days

Over 50 years: within 42-84 days

Facial skin rejuvenations  is directly affected by the nutrients that are at the disposal  of the skin, because blood cannot reach superior areas of facial skin easily.

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The longer it takes for the skin to recover, the more nutrients the skin needs..

This way, we guarantee it maintenance, prevent and prevent complications that arise from aging and carelessness

1- During  childhood due to the fast recovery  rate of the skin, hygiene is very important, while using herbal oils after a shower or a bath provides the skin with nutrients.

Oneva, Leader in oil  production in Turkey and a global competitor brings you a  100% pure, unmixed, unrefined, without conservative, cold pressed  (without preheating the seeds), preserving the oils without losing the its original values, ​​making them safe for consumption, and safer for  your baby’s skin.

Well known oils for this purpose are:

Coconut oil

Sesame  oil

Apricot oil

Almond oil

Protecting your child’s skin from sunlight exposure is another very important factor that should not be neglected because recovering from its damages is difficult.

2-Adolescence is characterized by hormonal outbreaks which take their  toll on the skin and increase fat production.

Also during this period the skin renewal time is prolonged.

These sudden changes should be handled before they further advance damaging the skin .

Hygiene remains a necessary condition at any age, but the use of oils during this period is necessary because the rejuvenation time is prolonged.

Depending on  the changes in fat production of the skin, the oils that can be used are:

For dry and normal faces: Almond Oil, Sesame Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Apricot Oil, Walnut Oil etc.

For mixed and oily faces: Katami Oil, Apricot Oil, Hazelnuts  Oiletc.

When skin is prone to acne, it is necessary to use creams that prevent acne and the scars they leave behind

The Secrets of  Nature bring you  a 100% Organic oil-based Creams of the Highest Quality and Without Any Synthetic Additives in its Formula.

They are customized according to the needs of your skin.

The absence of synthetic substances make these creams suitable for any age, due to their high nutritional value and due lack of side effects.

If during childhood caring for your skin is not something that depends completely on you, adolescence is a key moment to not  neglect skin care in order to prevent damages which would require high intensity treatments and are expensive, later on.

3- Middle Age: Skin renewal from 28-42 days.

Middle age is characterized by an even longer period for skin renewal.

If hormonal outbreaks were the risk factor for skin problems during  adolescence, the duration of skin rejuvenation during middle age is crucial factor that requires attention.

The skin needs to take nutrients from the outside  due to the skin’s properties mentioned in the article above .

If daily care is not present then  the skin will be under the direct influence of the internal and external factors, which will soon leave behind signs of negligence.

Do not wait  till you are 30, don’t wait for the first signs of aging to do something about your skin.

A 30-year-old skin uncared  for up to this age, is not the same as one which has been looked after, but do not worry, you are still in time to help your face.

The biggest fears that  makes many reluctant people to use creams are due to the  fear of synthetic substances widely used by the Cosmetic Industries, which have side effects.

This problem does not exist for the creams  of The Secrets of Nature.

The “Secrets of Nature ” creams are 100% bio,  with no Synthetic Ingredients, based on Oneva Oils of the highest quality, a 100% pure, unrefined, and without preservatives.

They are custom made by a Professional Pharmacist.

Only one  oil by itself has countless nutritional values ​​for your skin … Imagine now  how much values these creams contain when they are made up of a mixture of these oils, customized according to the type of your skin.

If during adolescence they can be used according to  your skin problems, for middle ages they are necessary to nourish your skin, prevent skin problems and delay  signs of aging.

4- Over 50 years:

If uncared for 30-year-old face differs greatly from a 30-year-old treated face,  what can we say for age 50 and up ???

The Creams of the  “Secrets of Nature ” at this age can greatly nourish the skin, moisturize and prevent  the further appearance of wrinkles,but if the skin was taken care of in its due time, it would definitely look even younger.

Prepared by: Pharmacist Msc. Eriona Xhaferaj