Vitamin B17 and Apricot Seed Oil

Apricot Seed Oil and VITAMIN B17

In addition to the rich nutritional values that the apricot fruit itself has, apricot seeds are a source of vitamin B17, which some medical experts and biologists think can help cure cancerous diseases.

“Apricot kernel are special because they contain  very rare vitamin B17, which is important to be taken in by the body daily.”

Apricot kernels  are very nutritious because they contain fats and amino acids as well as vitamins and minerals in abundance. They are highly sought after especially for their B17 content.

The secrets of nature brings  you Oneva apricot seed oil, cold pressed,  a process which preserves the values of the kernels.

Oneva oils are produced in  modern faciliteis, ISO 2200 certified factory, according to the rules for food protection and under the supervision of food engineers.

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