“Types of Vinegar and Their Usage throughout History in Medicine”

The earliest use of vinegar as food and medicine dates back to  more than 10,000 years ago. A new article published in the Food Science Gazette, prepared by the Institution of Food Technology  (IFT), reports recent studies showing various types of vinegar that have health properties for humans.

Vinegar has been produced and sold for thousands of years, not only as a cooking ingredient  but also as a medicine. Its use dates back to the 6th century. Various vinegars made up with vegetables, fruits, honey, and spices were popular among the Babylons, while Hippocrates used vinegar during the treatment of the wounds.

In the 10th century in China, vinegar was used to clean the hands and prevent infections, while earlier in the US, vinegar was used to treat fever, poisoning, inflammation, edema, and so on.

Below we will list the  types of vinegars used today, some of them are very popular, while some others you may have never  heard before.

“Types of vinegars used extensively today”

Coconut vinegar

White vinegar

Apple Vinegar

White wine vinegar

Red wine vinegar

Balsamic vinegar (grape without alcoholic fermentation)

Rice vinegar

Barley Vinegar

Beer vinegar

Sugar cane root vinegar

Dry grape vinegar

Walnut vinegar

Distilled white vinegar

Champagne vinegar

Strawberry vinegar

All the  vinegars mentioned above have health properties for both external and internal usage.

“Therapeutic properties of vinegar include antibacterial activity, lowering blood pressure, antioxidizing , stabilizing blood sugar levels, preventing cardiovascular disease, regulating digestive problems, combating inflammation and hair loss and boosting energy after a workout session. “

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