Turmeric, this Molecule of Wonders against All Cancer Types

Did you know that Oneva Company is among the world’s only producers of “Olive Oil with Turmeric”, which according to recent studies cures all Cancer Types. The Premium  quality of the Turmeric Olive Oil is certified with ISO22000, the highest food standard in the world so far.

“One of the most important messages I’ve learned is that natural products, natural molecules, from the plants that nature has made available to us, have been used by Chinese for some hundred, perhaps thousands of years. This profoundly changed  my perspective in the medical world, “says Dr. Mercola

What is not widely practiced and which is a major flaw in medicine is the lack  of natural products usage for Anti-cancer activity.

Turmeric a Universal Cancer Remedy?

Interestingly, turmeric seems to be universally useful for any type of cancer, which is really strange because various types of cancer are caused by a wide variety of molecular pathologies. But how did Dr. LaValley arrive at this conclusion !?

As Dr.LaValley explains, if the turmeric molecule causes an increase in the activity of a particular molecule, or a decline in activity, studies consistently show that the end result is a powerful anti-cancer activity. Moreover, turmeric does not negatively affect healthy cells, as it only selects carcinogenic cells.

Research has also shown that it works synergistically with certain chemotherapeutic agents, thus increasing the likelihood of carcinogenic cells elimination .

Turmeric (curcumin) Fights cancer in many ways !!!

There’s extensive literature based on evidence  that emphasize its use against cancer because of nutrient it contains, starting with vitamin D, which also has a powerful anti-cancerous basis.

Turmeric has the ability to regulate genetic activity and expression of carcinogenic cells by destroying them and promoting normal (healthy) cell function. It also promotes anti-angiogenesis, which means it helps prevent the development of additional blood supply needed to increase cancer cells. As for its effect on molecular pathways, turmeric may affect more than 100 of them.

Turmeric has been found to be curative in these instances:

Prevents the spread of tumor cells

Decreases inflammation

It obstructs the transformation of normal cells into tumor cells by inhibiting the “synthesis of cancerous proteins”

It helps your body destroy cancer cells so that they do not spread throughout your body thus preventing angiogenesis.

The Action Mechanism of Turmeric  in Cancer Cell Elimination

Turmeric has a diverse range of molecular targets, supporting the concept that it operates on multiple biochemical and molecular cascades. Turmeric physically binds to more than 33 different proteins, including: thioredoxin reductase, cyclooxygenase-2, (COX2), protein kinase C, 5-lipoxygenase (5-Lox), and tubulin. Turmeric has shown that it hinders the spread and lifespan of all types of carcinogenic cells.

Evidence has shown that turmeric acts according to 2 induced cell mechanisms:

Activation of cell elimination pathways

Stopping the growth and spread of these tumor cells

Many studies show the selective abilities of turmeric  between cancer cells and normal cells. We can identify more than 40 biomolecules that are involved in the elimination of abnormal cells that are due to turmeric , Dr. LaValley says. Turmeric  uses mediators to accomplish these effects like cellular signalers, as the potential for cancer cell resistance in this case is smaller.

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