Tips if you suffer from Prostate

Prostate patients should be very careful about cold temperatures and  heavy weights.

Lifting heavy weights and cold  temperatures affect the condition of the prostate.

Below we will present some tips on how to treat this disease with Natural Products.

Cold pressed Pumpkin Seeds Oil is known as the best prostate prophylaxis. Apart from the fact that this oil has a very good effect on the prevention of this disease, it is very effective in curing and stopping the growth it

Broccoli is also an other good remedy.

In a pot throw  200 grams of broccoli and  a glass of water, let it cook for 5 minutes , be careful not to let it cook till it changes color.

This natural remedy should be done once a year and continued for one month.

People suffering from prostate should be careful not to consume coffee and spicy foods.

This cure is also advisable for women who prematurely enter menopause and those who have problems with fibrocysts.

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