“The Secret For Beautiful Teeth”

“To have a beautiful smile we must have healthy teeth”

A wide range of oils are widely used for a to keep that beautiful smile, here are some of the best oils:

  • Coconut oil:
  • Effective against cavities: Research suggests that applying coconut oil to gums for about 10 minutes a day ( for three weeks) reduces  significantly tooth decay.
  • The best  essential oils for teeth and gums are:
  • Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon has long since been used  for its medicinal properties, especially antifungal and antibacterial. Bacteria is responsible for tooth decay. Lactobacillus plantarum, one of the bacteria responsible for gum diseases, are best treated with cinnamon oil.

  • Mint Essential Oil
  • Researchers have found that mint is extremely effective in killing anaerobic bacteria, the kind of bacteria that thrives in a low oxygen environment, such as the mouth and causes cavities.
  • Myrrh Essential Oil
  • Myrrh acts both as an antiseptic and tranquilizer. For this reason, it has traditionally been used to cure ulcerative mouth. It helps the cavities and tissue by supporting the flow of blood into the vessels that pass through them.
  • Clove Essential Oil
  • Cloves have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years to relieve toothache. Clinical trials have shown that cloves  hinder many pathogenic bacteria, thus improving your oral health.

Our teeth are what we eat, and nowadays lifestyle  has wrecked our dental health. Although most people know that lots of foods are harmful for their health and teeth they continue to consume them.

These are five foods that should replace sweets and pastries in our daily consumption:

1. Apples

An apple a day keeps the dentist away, but you might not know that apples are also known as natural toothbrushes. The apple  pulp stimulates gums to produce saliva. The apple contains fruit acids such as malic acid, which cleans the teeth.

2. Carrot

Carrots are good for you for the same reasons that apples are. Steve Jobs said that he once held a diet with only apples-and-carrot and his teeth became stronger.

“Raw Carrot has fibers that have a tooth-cleaning effect. They also increase saliva, and thereby reducing  tooth damage. “

3. Yoghurt

Yoghurt  has a lot of “good” bacteria that neutralize the effect of harmful bacteria. Yoghurt also  has high calcium content which is beneficial for your teeth.

4. Green Vegetables

Vegetables contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals such as calcium for the smalt and folic acid for the gums, which prevents the gums from bleeding. They also have high fiber content, which has a high cleaning effect on the teeth.

5. Dairy products

Food such as cheese and other dairy products can help protect the teeth against diseases, according to a study published in the General Dentistry journal, these products strengthen the teeth. whiten them and regulate the teeth conditions in general.

The Secrets of Nature,

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