The Most Wanted and Long Awaited “Black Seed Oil” again among Us !!!

“Black Seed That Cures Any Disease Besides Death”

Nigella Sativa (the black seed plant) has a lifespan of one year, its seeds are known for theur curative properties.

Some of the pharmacological actions for which black seeds are known are:

• Analgesic (Pain killer)

• Anti-bacterial

• Anti-Inflammatory

• Anti-Ulcerative

• Anticholinergic

• Anti-Fungal

• Antihypertensive

• Antioxidant

• Antispasmodic

• Antiviral

• Bronchodilator

• Inhibits Gluconeogenesis (Anti-Diabetic)

• Hepatoprotective (Protects the liver)

• Hypotensive

• Insulin sensitizers

• Interferon Inductor

• Leukotriene antagonist

• Reno Protector (kidney protector)

• Inhibitor of the Alpha Factor of Tumor Necrosis

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Prepared by: Pharmacist Msc. Eriona Xhaferaj

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