The Mask That Will Make Your Skin Shine!!!

A Natural Mask for a nourished, soft skin and a powerful anti-wrinkler … !!!

What you need is just to combine the right products !!!

-Clay (it is advisable to use the appropriate clay according to your skin type)

-Green Clay for acne and oily skin

-Red Clay for sensitive skin

-White Clay for dry and sensitive skin

-To dissolve the clay it  is advised to be mixed with a tonic that can be:

Tonic with rose water

Jasmine lily tonic

Lavender flower tonic

– Honey is very nourishing for the skin, as it has  a very powerful antioxidants with anti-wrinkle properties.

Organic Raw Honey (Organic)

Manuka Honey  (organic)

Honey from different flowers (organic)

Mix a tablespoon of each ingredient,  1 tsp of clay, 1 tsp from one of the tonics and 1 tsp of  the organic honey of your choice, stir till it becomes creamy consistency and apply it to the face until the mask is dried and then wash it off.

It can be applied 1-2 times a week, the end result is a super hydrated, nourished, soft and toned skin …

The Secrets of Nature …

Health and Beauty Under Nature’s Care