The Ideal mask, that will make everyone your curly hair!!!

This mask will make your curls look much smoother and softer.

… And it’s incredibly simple you just need these ingredients:

Gassuli (4 tablespoons)

Gel or Aloe Vera Juice (1 tablespoon)

Grape seed or Pomegranate  oil (1 tablespoon)

Apple vinegar (just so the mixture becomes creamy)

Combine all the  ingredients till the mixture becomes creamy, apply it throughout the hair length (you can apply it to the scalp but it  makes it difficult to wash your hair), dampen your hair beforehand then apply the mask, leave it to dry out , then wash your hair  as usually.

Your hair will become healthier, softer and shinier, than ever before…

For hair that glows and impresses 😉

Your Health and Beauty Under Nature’s Care …

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