The Best Tea For Nasal Obstruction And Airways Clearing.

It is a necessity to drink tea everyday, especially during the winter months when the flu and viruses are more present than ever, and when our immunity drops.

These are the most effective teas for a stuffy nose treatment:

Ginger root tea: increases the immunity, can be  used by people who have gone through chemotherapy, and for nasal blockages.

Chamomile tea: lowers inflammation, relieves muscle pain, and clears the nasal airways from mucous.

Mint tea: used  for diarrhea and bloating, as well as clears breathing and nasal pathways

Raspberry leaf tea: eases muscle pain and increases milk in breastfeeding mothers during the lactation period. It is very effective in alleviating flu symptoms and the boost of the immune system as this tea is rich in iron.

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