The Best Oil for Your Skin, Macadamia Oil !!!

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When the seasons change so does your skin … that’s we have brought our newest addition for you…

“Macadamia oil for each type of skin”

The essential oil from the Macadamian tree is filled full of  nutrients that are beneficial for the skin, because of its high content of Vitamins and Omega oils, which  makes its essential for skin care.

It is widely used in natural cosmetics such as Anti-wrinkle and Multi-nutritional for any skin type.

It contains squalene and oleic acid that help regenerate cells and is especially useful for dry or sensitive skin of is hydrating and softening  and hydrating properties.

It contains omega 6 which is helps balance  the production of sebum on the skin making it ideal for a oily skin.

It contains omega-7 or palmitoleic acid, which is useful for healing wounds, spots, scratches and burns.

Macadamia oil contains phytosterols that help relieve irritation and skin rashes.

It has   maximum absorption abilities  and penetrates deep into the skin.

It has excellent spreading, lubricating and toning abilities leaving a smooth, non-oily skin after application.

It also has a slight sunscreen (SPF) effect.

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