“The Benefits and Values of Ice That We May Have not Known Until Today”

Cryotherapy  or ice therapy is always used after the skin is cleaned  in advance.

This therapy is very effective in treating various skin conditions, cellulite and burnings and inflammation.

The ice should not be applied directly on the skin but wrapped in a soft cloth or plastic ice bag.

Make it  part of your routine before going to bed to clean your face and massage it with ice (wrapped in a soft cloth) for about 3 minutes, you will see stunning results.

Makes your skin soft and smooth.

Cold therapy is one of the most effective methods for treating acne, massage the affected area every day for about 5 minutes acne areas.

To increase the benefits of the ice therapy  you can apply it combined with garlic,cucumber, lemon or green tea.

Reduces wrinkles: this type of therapy improves blood circulation in the skin vessels, thus preventing wrinkles and aging.

Reduces  visible large pores and dark circles under the eyes: apply  directly on your skin ice cubes especially in the areas where your skin pores are visible for 2-3 minutes, in a few days you will notice less swollen  eye bags.

Treatment of puffy eyes: If you wake up with puffy eyes and cannot  get out, wrap two ice cubes in a soft handkerchief and put it on the eyelids, leave for 2 minutes, and the eye bags will disappear.

Against cellulite: apply ice wrapped in a soft cloth  on the area where cellulite is visible and hold it for 15 minutes then take a break and reapply it for  another 3 minutes. Repeat this for an hour and you notice significantly less visible cellulite.

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