Summer Set

…. Handcraft products with O Chemicals by Pharmacist Eriona ….

Have you made your suitcases for the summer vacations ready , but you are miss something …?

#Secrets of Nature has thought for You and your family

For a Cool  Summer #Secrets of_Nature brings youthe SUMMER SET:

• BYE BYE SUN cream that has a sun protection  of 97% (30 SPF) with aloe vera, coconut, sesame, etc., suitable  for the whole family, body and face.

• Tanning Oil (carrot oil, almond oil, saffron, walnut oil, hazelnut etc.) gives your skin the color you want and nourishes it to the maximum.

• Buzz Off Balm and Buzz Off Oil with Palmarosa content, Lavender, Citronnelle etc. ensures that you keep the mosquitoes away especially a must for your little ones.

<3 SUMMER SET <3 For a beautiful summer like the  sun and cool like the water …

BYE BYE SUN Cream (125ml): 2 200 Lekë

Tanning Oil (100ml): 1,800 Lekë

Bye Bye Sun + Tanning Oil Cream from 4,000 to 3 500 Lekë

Buzz Off Balm: 500 Lekë

Buzz Off Oil: 500 Lekë

Buzz Off Set: from 1000 to 900 Lekë

The Secrets of Nature,

Your Health and Beauty under the Appearance of Nature …