Sesame Oil, The King Of Oils

Known throughout  centuries for its healing properties, sesame seed oil can be successfully used for general health. It is highly valued for its antibacterial, antimycotic and anti-inflammatory properties. As a powerful antioxidant, Sesame oil neutralizes free radicals, detoxifying the organism. It helps digestion, lubricates  the joints, and treats sinusitis and gingivitis. Sesame oil should definitely be considered as an ally to our health. It is overall beneficial for our health, it is especially useful for the skin, that is why it is time to make it part of your daily skin care routine. Being rich in antioxidants, sesame oil detoxifies even  the deepest layers of your skin, prevents wrinkles, pimples, treats dark spots, and reduces the risk for skin cancer.

Sesame seeds have high amounts of zinc, an important mineral for the production of collagen, crucial for regenerating damaged tissues.

For the most common uses and properties of sesame seeds, read the following:

• Cleanses the skin: When applied to the skin, sesame oil binds with lipid soluble impurities and they are washed off with hot water and a natural soap

Mix ½ a teacup of sesame oil with ½ a teacup of apple vinegar  and ¼ of a teacup water.Apply the mixture every night, after dampening your face first with water.

• Gives the skin glow: Sesame oil is a good “friend” for glowing skin. It helps tone the skin,  and retain its flexibility, keeping the skin soft and smooth.

Apply sesame oil on your face while massaging it carefully. The apply a face scrub with red sugar. Wash your face with a natural soap and warm water, at the end rinse your face with cold water to close the pores .

• Heals and regenerates the skin: The healing ability of sesame oil is attributed to anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antimycotic properties, while its regenerative capacity is linked to the stimulation of collagen synthesis. Sesame oil is effective in treating mycotic infections such as “athlete’s foot”, while for  vaginal infections it is used mixed with warm water.

• Helps treat and prevent sunburn: Sesame seed oil protects the skin from damaging potential of UV rays. This oil also serves as a natural barrier for the skin against impurities and dust in the air.

• Baby skin protector: Skin rashes and irritations, especially around the areas in contact with diapers, can be prevented and controlled if massaged with sesame oil. Besides this oil prevents the skin from dehydrating, by hydrating and constantly nourishing it.

•Sesame oil can be used on the face and other areas, to protect the baby from skin problems. By making this oils part of your baby’s skin care, enabling him or her to have a quiet sleep and a healthy development through its nutrients.

• Treating callus feet and heels: Apply sesame oil on your heel everynight before bed. Put on cotton socks  overnight. By using sesame oil regularly you will have soft feet and heels.

Prepared by: Pharmacist Msc. Eriona Xhaferaj

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