Rose-hip Oil, Anti-Aging Oil!

What does the  Duchess of Cambridge , Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham and the model  Miranda Kerr have in common? Well, it is said that they use Rosehip Oil to keep their skin soft and almost perfect, because Rosehip Oil has the same properties as Coconut Oil for the skin.

Did  you know that Wild Roses were used as a remedy by the Ancient Egyptians, the Mayan Tribes, and Native Americans because they had high healing wound properties.

In fact, during the Second World War, Wild Rosehip Oil was used as a syrup in Britain to strengthen resistance against infections for children. This syrup also helped relieve diarrhea, menstrual and stomach cramps, nausea and constipation. As you can see, wild rose oil penetrates deep into the skin!

Why Is Rosehip Oil So Effective?

Rosehip Oil is extracted from wild rose seeds grown mostly in Chile, full of vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids known to treat dark spots, moisturize dry skin and reduce wrinkles.

For facial skin care, rosehip oil offers some benefits when applied from the outside. It protects the skin and increases the regenerative capacity of cells because it contains vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin D and B-carotene.

The healing properties of rosehip oil are due to its chemical structure. Wild Roses also contain vitamin F, also known as essential fatty acid (EFA), which when absorbed through the skin, turns into prostaglandin (PGE), a molecule present in the cell membrane and regenerative cells.

How can such an oil not fight aging ?!

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