Propolis Hand Cream

For a gentle and delicate touch, the best skin care for your hands, a 100% Natural Cream, a  formula with 0 chemicals, handcrafted by the pharmacist Eriona .

Hand Cream comes with a new and rich elements in its  formula …

Along with: Apricot Oil, Shea Butter and Propolis, our crafted product is enriched with:

Hazelnut oil

The Black Seed Oil

Mint and Lavender Essential Oil

As well as the Queen skin  care products of Aloe Vera.

Enriched with these basic ingredients, this cream possesses a higher action potential, especially for skins that are easily sensitive to damaging factors.

Its properties:

* Antibacterial protection

*  Tissue Regeneration

* Skin elasticity

* Maximum hydration of hands

For that silk like touch, admirable softness and delicacy …

The Secrets of Nature,

Your Health Under Nature’s Care …