Water- Drop Water Bottle



#IAMGREENAGER is the motto of Greenager brand, which stands for: “I am Healthy and Beautiful”. “Drinking more water is the simplest but vital action for our health and particularly skin” advises skincare expert Eriona MPharm, CNP to her clients. Thus, she brought this amazing “Water-Drop” bottle to help them to stay hydrated easier. It is not a SECRET that drinking more water is VITAL for your body.However, a lot of people still find difficult to reach this GOAL, because they FORGET. This was the case even for Pharmacist, Cosmetic Formulator and Holistic Nutritionist Eriona Xhaferaj. “Stop wishing, start doing” was her inner voice, that brought out this amazing Water Bottle-Water Drop like, the Smart Reminder to Drink More Water. Growing up in a Mediterranean city -Vlora, and inspired from the coastal Waters of Vancouver, she brought together every possible detail to make this product your Best Friend Forever

Benefits and Advice