Pain and muscular cramps treatment with natural methods !!!

Muscle pains can come because of physical activity, stress, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal changes or dehydration.

Almost everyone at a certain point has experienced muscle cramps.

Causes of Muscle Pain

Not all muscle pains are related to stress, tension and physical activity. There are some medical conditions for muscle pain which may include:


Statins Drugs

Flu Symptoms

Hormonal Changes

Lyme Disease

Some of the most effective and simplest methods to use for muscular cramps or pain are:

Artisanal  Apple Vinegar:

Apply the apple vinegar where you feel pain,  as it has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce muscle pain and inflammation. Try adding two cups of apple vinegar to a warm bath and stay for 20 minutes, or add a tablespoon to a glass of warm water with honey.

Massage with Essential Oils: Massage  the area of the contracted muscles for about 20-30 minutes with:

Essential Lavender Oil

Essential Mint Oil

Essential Juniperus Oil

Essential Rosemary Oil

Essential Eucalyptus Oil

Essential Chamomile Oil etc …

Vegetal  oils soften the pain and relax  the muscles. It is advised to drink 1-teaspoon daily from the oils listed below, at the same time to massage the problematic area with them.

Black seed oil

Sesame oil

Coconut oil

Mustard seed oil

Rich foods in Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium help maintain muscles and bones healthy, keeping us in shape and avoiding  problems that malnutrition can cause to our bodies and muscles.

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