Oregano Oil … more than an antibiotic!

Oregano is a very valuable natural alternative that  acts against infections. It contains two important ingredients, carvacrol and thymol, which have powerful antibacterial and antimycotic properties.


1- Treats mycotic infections of the nails.

• Apply oregano oil directly on the problematic  area twice a day.

2- For  Candida and urinary tract infections treatment.

• Consume it diluted in water,  or apply it locally mixed with coconut oil and combined with probiotics.

3- For sinusitis and allergies.

• Consume it after you dilute it in water first.

4- In cases of bronchitis and laryngitis.

• Consume it after you dilute it in water.

5- As a natural antibiotic

• Consume it after you dilute it in water, or mixed with coconut oil.

6- To treat feet mildew  and the athlete’s foot.

• Mix it  with coconut oil and apply it  locally on the skin.

7- Gingivitis treatment

• Combine oregano oil with coconut oil  to use it for oral oil pulling (keep the mixture in the mouth and then spit it out).

Caution!!! Only use a few drops of oregano oil.

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