Oneva is a prestigious Turkish firm that produces oils  through a cold pressed system since 2009.

The  seeds are mainly from Turkey and undergo a very strict quality control through selection and are  cleaned before entering the production phase.

This firm is unique in Turkey because the production of  herbal oils is done completely in low temperatures without preheating the seeds, which increase the amount of oil produced  and lower cost, but would decrease the quality of the oils.

This method provides a 100% pure and guarantees the  values of the oils.

Oils are obtained through a cold pressing system, no seed  preheating, no chemicals or additives, and without any flavorings.

They are unrefined and completely natural.

The Oneva oils are produced in a modern factory certified with ISO 22000, according to the regulations  of food protection and under the supervision of food engineers.

Onevas aim is that by 2023, to be one of the most prestigious firms around the world.

The exclusivity of  The Secrets of Nature to Oneva oils, guarantees the quality and safety of our oils.