“Lady Face Tonic”

The key to a healthy and glowing face skin is Face Tonic

Lady Face Tonic is designed to clean your skin to the deepest  levels, with the help of its active ingredients that help remove all the impurities that damage your face beauty.

How to use facial tonic?

Every morning and evening, after cleaning the skin and removing the makeup, apply a small amount of tonic ona cotton ball and wipe your  face and neck, especially the T area (forehead, nose and chin).

What are the benefits of facial tonic?

Tonics have many benefits, ranging from closing the pores and restoring the pH level of the skin, by adding a protective layer, reducing the absorption of impurities.

Tonics efficiently removes excess fat  and closes the pores.

Crafted by Pharmacist Eriona

A formula with 0 Chemicals

100% Natural

Your Health and Beauty Under Nature’s Care..

The Secrets of Nature …