“Katam Seed Oil, The Best Solution for Premenstrual Symptoms”

Katam seed oil (Carthamus tinctorius)

The properties of Katam Oil:

• Cold Pressed Katam Oil, Premium Quality ONEVA, a  100% Pure, containing 78.71% oleic acid, 4.85% palmitic acid, 12.44% linoleic acid and  2.40% stearic acid.

• Katam oil has the highest concentration of linoleic acid.

• Other essential nutrients of katam oil are vitamins E and K.

Benefits of Katami Oil

It regulates the hormonal system, relieves menstrual cramps and balances the menstrual cycle, thus being the best remedy  for ladies that are going through that period.

• Helps keep your weight in check, if needed it can help with weight loss and gain muscle mass.

• Strengthens the immune system, helps with blood circulation and balances blood pressure.

• Katam oil reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer.

• Linoleic acid present in katam oil relieves symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

• Helps reduce cholesterol.

• Cold pressed katam oil contains  “good” fats that help the gastrointestinal system and accelerate metabolism.

• Katam oil relieves rheumatic pain.

• Cold pressed katam oil hydrates your skin.

• Oleic acid present in katam oil stimulates hair growth and improves their quality.

• Katam seed oil reduces and fades wrinkles and lines, treats eczema, inflammation and rashes.

Katam oil usage:

• It is suitable for warm and cold use.

• Katam oil can be used as a cooking oil or for salads and different salsas. It is a good substitute for other cooking oils due to the high burning point it has.

• Katam seed oil can be used to improve skin and hair by massaging it on the scalp or skin.

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