“How to treat ulcers with natural remedies and diets”

These products not only are healthy for our bodies and strengthen our metabolism but also protects the stomach from ulcers and digestive problems …

Diet for ulcer:

Eat small and intermediate meals

Consume products that contain lots of fibers

Consume green vegetables as much as possible

Drink cabbage juice mixed with carrot and broccoli juice

If you have stomach problems you should avoid the consumption of these products:

Spicy foods



Very sweet and salty foods

Allergic foods

The 5 most effective natural remedies for ulcers are:

Licorice Roots (500 mgr before each meal)

Aloe vera (1 \ 4 cup of aloe vera juice before each meal)


Chamomile (1 cup chamomile tea 4 times a day)

Red blueberries (tea or red blackberry juice 2-cups a day)

Also essential oils such as Mint (Peppermint) and Tejman (frankincense), mixed together in one cup of hot water (2 drops of each essential oil), drink this  2 times a day to relieve symptoms of ulcer and and to help treat it.

Consumption of a spoon of Coconut Oil before each meal also alleviates the symptoms of ulcer and helps digestion.

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