How to Live in Peace With Diabetes !?

Some tips on how to live a healthy life like a Diabetic !!!

Do not label yourself as ill

Follow the diet recommended by your doctor carefully

You have to know that eating as a diabetic means to have a healthy lifestyle

Consume as much fiber, fruits and legume foods as possible

Limit bread and cereals

Consume fish and cheese every day

Milk and yogurt 2-3 times a day

Fruits and vegetables as much as possible

Remove  fats, sweets and alcohol from your diet

Drink as much water and fluids (juices for diabetics), 6-8 cups a day

You can consume special sweets for diabetics, it doesn’t mean you have to give up sweets altogether.

It would be best to use as many natural remedies and treatments as possible,  consume each day a 1-tsp of Grape Seed Oil and Pomegranate Seed Oil this is a very effective cure for balancing blood sugar as well as the well-functioning of Insulin.

Be happy, at the end of the day everyone would want to maintain a healthy lifestyle like you… <3