How to fight Hormonal Stress with natural methods ?!

Stress is defined as an unstable and unmanageable condition for the organism, caused by a physical, psychological, emotional problem… It is in this situation that a major hormonal fluctuation and imbalance appears which leads the organism to another level of stress called “Hormonal Stress”.

But how can save ourselves from this situation ???

Here are 7 ways !!!

-Drink more black tea, a study on regular black tea consumers, found a drop in their cortisol level by 47%. Black tea contains soothing polydifera and flavonoids.

– Consume black chocolates, it increases the level of endorphins, which are neurotransmitters that trigger a positive feeling in the body. It is also quite rich in Magnesium which helps in hormonal stabilization.

-Aromatherapy, diffuser with rose oil, eucalyptus or incense, all have a stress reducing effect. Researches showed that women who apply rose-pomace or incense aromatherapy for 10 -min feel a reduction in hormonal stress and anxiety.

– Ginger tea, ginger has the ability to reduce stress and improve the emotional state.

-Get a Lavender plant and do everything with it, aromatherapy and massage with its essential oil, as well as consume tea from its petals  every night before sleeping. It is known as one of the best cures for stress, hormones, sleep and anxiety.

-Before each meal eatsome dates. Consuming dates has a striking impact on hormonal stabilization especially for women.

– Exercising and running will help you reduce stress and have better sleep.


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