How Temperature Changes Affect Your Skin !!!

Hot temperatures  increases skin fat and destabilizes its condition.

It is unclear whether your skin produces more fat when the weather is warmer or when the weather is unstable. Hot weather “activates” the fat on your face, making it more visible. Cleansing your skin with water and oils is more efficient than cleaning it with chemically based products.

The moisture and sunless weather, hydrates and protects the  face from sun rays. People who live in humid and sunny places such as England tend to have beautiful skin, a New York-born dermatologist quotes. More humidity in the air means a more moisturized skin and little sunlights shields the skin from damage.

Cold and dry climates accumulate dead skin cells on the surface, making it look unhealthy.

If the climate is dry, normally, and your skin naturally becomes dry, causing cracking and skin irritation, says Dr Schultz, one of the best doctors from the New York magazine. “Dead skin cells that accumulate on its surface prevent the penetration in  the skin of ‘beneficial elements’ he says. Meaning that even the skin care products you apply will not penetrate your skin.

So in this cold  season you should be more careful than ever. Treat it with as many natural products as you can to regenerate the glamor and softness of your skin.

– It is necessary to pay attention to your skin care as it is the most exposed organ to the environment,frequently treat  it with the right natural products, because ; “What’s a Better Cure Than Nature”. Also, a treated skin demonstrates a confident and a successful individual

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