Herbal and essential oils, the medicine of the future

There are many herbal oils. Through nowadays technology they can be obtained from almost every plant

You can find all these Herbal oils (100% Natural, 100% pure, of the highest quality) at us #https: //www.facebook.com/sekretet.e.natyres are:

1.Pomegranate seed oil

2. Grape seed oil.

3. Pumpkin seed oil

4. Argan oil

5. Walnut oil

6. Black seed oil

7. Linseed oil

8. Coconut oil

9. Sweet  Almond oil

10. Hazelnut oil

11. Plum oil

12. Katam oil

13. Fig seed oil

14. Sesame oil, etc.

ATTENTION:  Oneva oils are totally pure and cold-pressed herbal oils.

• 100% natural: no added  chemicals, no artificial additives, unrefined and no flavorings.

• Oneva oils are produced in a modern factory certified with ISO 2200, according to the regulations for food protection and under the supervision of food engineers.

The Secrets of Nature,

Your Health Under Nature’s Care …