Have you ever heard of Dyspepsia? Here’s what causes it and some natural remedies for its treatment !!!

The term “dyspepsia” is used to describe some medical conditions, the symptoms of which are:

Esophageal Reflux – GERD


Non-ulcerative dyspepsia (when we have long-lasting diagnosis with  ulcer like symptoms without an ulcer)

Food Intolerance


Aerophagia- excessive air swallowing

Typical symptoms of dyspepsia include pain, discomfort or burning sensation in the chest, it is often known by doctors as a “heart burn”.

Dyspepsia may be related to other symptoms such as:



Constipation or diarrhea

Loss of appetite


Discomfort of the abdominal area

What Causes Dyspepsia?

Some of the causes of dyspepsia are:

Anxiety or stress

Eating a lot or eating too fast

Consuming alcohol while eating

Lactose Intolerance

Reaction to medications

Ulcer of the stomach

Intestinal diseases and disorders like  intestinal irritation and gastritis

Gallbladder stones

Treatment of Dyspepsia with  Natural Method

Some of the most effective methods of treatment for dyspepsia are:

Ginger + Lemon + Dry Grapes

Grape seed oil – 1 tsp of tea per day

Pomegranate seed oil – 1 tsp of tea per day

Peppermint + buttermilk + thick black salt

Cheese (is very rich in good bacteria that help digest foods), it is recommended to be consumed in every meal a tablespoon of cottage cheese.

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