Grape Seed Oil, An Effective Treatment Against Stretch Marks And Varicose Veins

Rich in nutrients such as essential fatty acids (linoleic acid, oleic acid, etc.), vitamins (E, C, D etc.),  antioxidants (oligomeric proanthocyanidins, resveratrols, etc.), grape seed oil is a “treasure” for general health. It is characterized by the following properties:







Lowers bad cholesterol,

Improves blood circulation and prevents cardiac diseases,

Prevents atherosclerosis, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease

Stabilizes hypertension, improves diabetes,

Helps the work of the digestive, respiratory and endocrine system,

Regulates hormones, treats infertility,

Helps treat benign prostate hyperplasia,

Prevents the formation of kidney stones and gallbladder

Boosts immunity

Grape seed oil is especially beneficial for people with vascular problems such as rosacea, red capillaries, sepsis and hemorrhoids.

The  positive effect of grape seed oil in vascular diseases is because of its elements it contains and properties:

Oligomeric proanthocyanidins complexes, resveratrol, other flavonoids and vitamin E are powerful antioxidants that eliminate free radicals, strengthen vein and capillary walls, improve blood flow and lymphatic circulation, stimulate the natural synthesis of collagen (the essential ingredient for skin elasticity), has adstrictive and toning effect on the skin, promotes  cell rejuvenation.

Linoleic acid strengthens cell membrane and the blood vessel walls, nourishes, hydrates and significantly improves the overall conditions of the skin.

Vitamin C stimulates cell growth, helps repair and contour the skin and provides protection from UV rays. Moreover it is also a great skin moisturizer.

Other properties of grape seed oil:

Eliminates wrinkles and slows down the aging process

Treats acne, pimples, and stretch marks

Fades dark  circles under the eyes

Moisturizes the skin and hair

Treats dandruff and hair loss

It speeds up the regeneration process of wounds, burns, and scars

Hypoallergenic, friendly even on sensitive skins

Prevents cancer

Eases the pain and swelling from arthritis inflammation.

Hepatoprotective  (protects the liver)

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Prepared by:

Pharmacist Msc. Eriona Xhaferaj

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