Ghassoul Clay – Natural Cleanser
Ghassoul Clay from MOROCCO is not called without a reason “ The Cleansing Land”
It is used as a very soft shampoo or soap because of its extraordinary ability to absorb impurities and fat.
Ghassoul Clay  is a mineral soil from volcanic origin, consisting mainly of magnesium and other minerals, which enable excellent skin and hair care.
Ghassoul Clay  is known for its very high absorbent ability that effectively eliminates fats and impurities.

Cleanses and smoothes facial skin
Fat and impurities absorbent
Softens and adds volume to your hair
Regulates scalp lipid levels

Suitable For:
Sensitive skin
Oily skin
Skin with acne and black spots
Greasy hair

Cleansing mask for skin with acne
Cleanser for oily and sensitive skin
Soap with Ghassoul  Clay
Shampoo and mask for your hair

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