Essential Oils, The Strongest Antibiotics Against Tonsil Bacterial Infection !!!

Tonsil infection is the infection of the lymphatic tonsil glands. Usually, the infection is caused by a bacteria called Streptococcus pyogenes.

The goal is to defeat this bacteria and to keep our  tonsils healthy without allowing the infection to reach the bloodstream or bones, and cause serious health issues.

Frequently  doctors have treated tonsillitis with antibiotics, but today most of these bacterial species have become Resistant to these Antibiotics.

“Essential Oils, Kill Streptococcus pyogenes”

Doctors and researchers from Angers University in France have come to the conclusion that some essential oils are very effective in killing the bacteria that causes Tonsil infection (tonsillitis)

The researchers used 18 essential oils provided by “Pramaron Science”. The researchers examined (tested) these essential oils:

Essential Oil of Cinnamon

Lemongrass Essential Oils

Oregano  Essential Oil

Essential Oils of Copper

Essential Oil of Mint

Essential Lavender Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Essential Oil of Basil

Rosemary Essential Oil etc …

The researchers extracted Streptococcus pyogenes bacteria from a child’s infected tonsils. They put it in bacterial cultures and tested the action of each essential oil in it.

The study found that the essential oils with the most powerful antibacterial action were: Essential Oils of Cinnamon, Essential Oil of Oat, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Oregano Essential Oils and Basil.

They not only weakened  the bacterium Streptococcus but were also able  to kill it.


Aerosol or aromatherapy with essential oils is simultaneously continued with oral medication, but only with capsules (1-drop from essential oil in a capsule) to avoid irritation of the digestive system.

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