“Dental Infection and Its Treatment with Tea Tree Oil”

If you have a gum  infection, you may have periodontitis, also called periodontal disease. Tea Tree Oil is a herbal remedy that is often recommended for treating these types of cavities.

Tea Tree Oil has antimicrobial properties that kill fungus, viral and bacterial organisms. A study at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center tells us that Tea Tree Oil contains terpenoids, including cineole and terpinen-4-ol, which are also effectively used to eradicate antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Among its best features is that it is used as a soothing and relieves the pain that you may have on your gums.

In fact, Tea Tree oil is so powerful as it is commonly used to treat other problems such as pimples and face acne, fungal infections (fungus), dandruff, scabies and lice. It really is a remarkable and well-known oil, and when it comes to your teeth it may be the best choice.

To get rid of tooth gum disease, you can use tea tree oil, putting 2 -3 drops of oil on your toothpaste when you normally wash your teeth.

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