Daily Facial Care, An Addiction Or A Necessity?

Often we are told that if you begin routine facial treatments you will be hooked, but is it an  addiction or a necessity, due to the specific needs that your facial skin has ?

Facial skin is more sensitive and requires more attention because:

1. Facial skin has an epidermis with a 0.16 mm thickness while  other parts of the body have a 0.60 mm thickness.

The thinner layer  makes facial skin sensitive  and exposes it to factors that penetrate easier into its depth causing various problems.

2. The presence of fat glands in the face is higher than in the rest of the body, and therefore it is more sensitive to internal factors when there is an overproduction of lipids.

3. Facial skin is the exposed to the environment and sun rays, thus it requires a to be looked after more frequently.

Meanwhile,  the skin is an organ where blood cannot to its upper layers(epidermis).Which results in:

1. It doesn’t get nutrients like other organs do.

2. The skin is not cleaned from harmful substances and waste like other organs through the bloodstream.

Thus  making Skin Care and Its Nourishment a DAILY  NECESSITY in order to maintain a Healthy and Clean Skin while preventing it from aging.

Keeping the Skin Clean Means Removing :


-Dead skin

-Excessive Fats

– Removing Impurities

If they aren’t removed it would make the skin prone to irritations  and the appearance of pimples.

Getting rid of them is a must, at least  1-2 times a day by washing the skin with soap.

Using natural soaps is the best choice for cleaning  the face without the presence of synthetic substances which  are in itself risk factors.

The  Natural Soaps  of the Secrets of Nature are ” super-saturated” with Shea Butter, which means they do not only clean your skin but also nourish it.

Through its a 100 % Bio Cream, the best nourishment is provided to skin cells while  making sure of their well-functioning.

Prepared by Pharmacist Msc. Eriona Xhaferaj