Coconut Oil For Mothers & Their Babies

“Coconut oil contains high amounts of lauric acid, a saturated fatty acid which has high antibacterial properties and strengthens the immune system of the fetus during pregnancy, for babies who breastfeed when consumed  by their mothers and when coconut oil is added to the milk formula.

Women during pregnancy and who breastfeed should consume coconut oil  and add it in their meals. “

Dr. Claudia Pillow,

There is no doubt that breast milk is the best food for babies. Its nutritional qualities  and values are closely related to the mother’s diet.

It is important for the mother to eat  healthy in order to provide the baby with the necessary elements for  his or her well-being.

Including coconut oil in the diet of the mother increases the nutritional values of the breast milk.

Coconut oil is rich in medium fatty acid chains, which increase the absorption of nutrients present in the mother’s diet and stimulate their transfer into milk. These fatty acids are naturally found in breast milk, but the more their concentration increases, the more the milk is enriched with nutrients like minerals, vitamins and β-carotene.

Besides the  fatty acids mentioned above, coconut oil enriches breast milk with lauric acid, known for its antimicrobial properties. Along with capric and caprylic acids  found in milk, lauric acids help strengthen the baby’s immune system.

Coconut oil functions as a multivitamin and mineral compound that greatly enriches breast milk and makes it suitable for treating problems arising from malnutrition and stimulates  weight gain for children .

You can start using the coconut oils during pregnancy and continue it even after birth, so that both you and your baby can benefit from this dear friend to your health.

The consumption of coconut oil during pregnancy affects the immune system of the mother and the fetus due to its lauric acid content.

Applying coconut oil continuously to the skin through massaging it  helps prevent and treats skin stretch marks and irritation that associate pregnancy.

Coconut oil is a good nutrient and moisturizes damaged hair.

Coconut oil also treats nipple scars and wounds.

Consuming up to 3 tablespoons of coconut oil a day effects the milk production.

Adding a spoon of coconut oil in the bathtub and  a few drops of lavender essential oil makes the bath more moisturizing and relaxing.

Coconut oil calms the stomach, reflux, treats digestion and constipation problems.

Mixing coconut oil with 1 drop of lavender essential oil is recommended to calm  hemorrhoids caused during pregnancy.

Coconut oil  when regularly consumed helps keep diabetes under control, and reduces nausea.

Add coconut oil in the milk  formula to boost its nutritional values.

Some babies experience pain and itching when their teeth starts to grow. To avoid this, apply some coconut oil on the affected area.

After giving your baby a bath use coconut oil to moisturize  the skin and prevent irritations and rashes, especially around the diaper area.

Coconut oil can also be used to remove dead skin cells and dehydrated scalp plaques on the baby’s head.

Use coconut oil to treat mycotic mouth infections by applying it on your baby’s mouth or on your nipples.

Apply coconut oil on the skin of the baby in case of eczema or other skin problems.

The following mixture will help you clear stuffed airways:

¼ cup of (coconut oil) oil

5 drops of  tea tree Oil

10 drops of rosemary essential oil

10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil

Use this mixture to rub the chest of the baby. A very effective and safe result can also be achieved  when you rub your baby’s feet with this mixture before putting their socks on.

Prepared by: Pharmacist Msc. Eriona Xhaferaj

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