“Cinnamon, Mint, and Vanilla” Lip Balm

The Secrets of Nature  brings you another range of a 100% Natural Products,  with 0 Chemicals.

Lip Balm (Cinnamon, Mint  and Vanilla)

Prepared professionally by Pharmacists

Msc. Eriona

A  Lip Balm that contains:

Shea Butter

Mango Oil

Coconut Oil

Pomegranate Oil

Sesame Oil

Apricot Oil

Cinnamon Oil

Mint Oil

Vanilla Oil etc. ..

They are the ideal softener and nourishers prepared with the highest quality oils and with the original aroma of 100% Natural and Organic essential oil of Cinnamon, Vanilla and Mint.

The Secrets of Nature,

Your Beauty Under Nature’s Care!