Chia Oil Seeds – Your body will love it

Chia seeds have become one of the world’s best “superfoods”, and as such it could not  be missing from the Secrets of Nature!

Chia seed oil is easily digested and can be added to any kind of food. The use of Chia seeds dates back to ancient times by the Aztec, who lived in Central America (Mexico today), and because of its many medicinal and nutritional features it had for a period of time been used as  an exchange currency. The Aztec warriors described it as energizing, so each day they consumed roughly a spoonful of chia seeds to stay strong and ready. In the Mayan language, Chia meant “strength” and was known as the the food of runners because it was consumed by warriors, hunters or those who had to make long journeys to keep them strong.

Not only that! Recent studies have shown that Chias seeds are much healthier than the ancient was known in ancient times.  Chias benefits include improving skin health, aging retardation, strengthening the digestive system and blood circulation, strengthening muscle and bones, and so on. It was recently discovered that it also affects the healing of Type 2 diabetes.

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The reason why Chia Seeds are so useful and famous is that they are super-rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, such as dietary fibers, omega 3, omega 6, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, zinc.

Chia also contains essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid and linoleic alpha, vitamins A, B, E and D, minerals like; iron, iodine, magnesium, thiamine, tiacin, iodine and sulfur which are a major source of antioxidants.

The Main Benefits of Chias Oil Seed:

1. Prevents early skin aging

2. Helps in good functioning of the digestive tract

3. Improves the function of the heart

4.Reducing the risk for  diabetes

5. Promotes body and metabolism energy

6.Strengthens  the bones

7.Strengthens muscles (It is especially recommended for people who follow a certain diet to lose weight but not muscle mass)

8. It cures cervical and breast cancer

9.Helps in maintaining  healthy teeth

10. Supplies pregnant women with extra nutrients

The Secrets of Nature provides 100% natural Chias Seed Oil, produced by Oneva cold pressed, with the highest ISO 22000 standard, exclusively for Albanian costumers!

Chia Seed Oil, Now an Added Value on the Table of Nature Secrets!

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