Cauliflower is one of the most important vegetables of the time.

Health benefits from cauliflower are numerous. This is because it is very rich in vitamins, such as: A, B1, B2, C, E.
In addition to the vitamins it is very rich and with minerals, such as: Ca, P, Mg, K, Fe etc. …
For a regular and healthy nutritional diet, cauliflower should not be missing at your tables.

Some of the health benefits of cauliflower are:
Detoxifies the liver
It has a curative effect on urinary tract infections
It contains large amounts of folic acid
Prevents heart and stomach diseases
Against obesity … etc

For urinary tract infection it is suggested that you consume 250-300 grams of cauliflower boiled in 750 ml of water for 5-6 minutes.
It should be prepared fresh every day and drank 2 times a day. The treatment should last 21 days and every 7 days you should take 3 days off …

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