Pomegranate Seed Oil

Pomegranate Seed Oil

Only suitable to be applied in cold

The distinctive properties of the cold pressed Oneva Pomegranate Seed Oil.

  1. High quality seeds sourced out from trusted and safe suppliers.
  2. Oneva pomegranate seed oil is  totally pure and cold pressed
  3. Processed without preheating the seeds: the seeds are not preheated before being processed, which in fact would increase the amount the produced and lower the cost. But that would mean to compromise on the quality. The Oneva pomegranate seeds  are not exposed to temperatures above 40 C.
  4. 100% natural: without the addition of chemicals, without additives, unrefined and without flavorings.
  5. Oneva pomegranate seed oil produced through coldpressing which preserves the original properties of the seeds
  6. Oneva oils are produced in a modern factory certified to ISO 2200, according to the regulations  for food protection and under the supervision of food engineers.

The Properties Of Pomegranate Seed Oil

The fatty acids found in the pomegranate seed oil are: eicosanoic acid 0.4%, linoleic acid 7.1%, conjugated linoleic acid 4.4%, α-linoleic acid 0.4%, oleic acid 5.7%, palmitic acid 3.0%, punic acid 71.5% ,  and stearic acids 2.1%.

The Benefits Of Pomegranate Seed Oil

  • Pomegranate seed oil prevent cardiac  attacks, regulates high blood pressure, treats atherosclerosis, and other heart diseases.
  • Antioxidants found in  pomegranate seed oil help prevent breast, colon, skin,  and prostate cancer.It also prevents leukemia and the formation of tumors.
  • Contains elements  that help lower cholesterol, and hinder the accumulation of “bad” fat cells.
  • Phytoestrogens that are present in pomegranate seed oil help treat hormonal disorders.
  • It contains vitamins B, C and minerals that improve the immune system and make our body stronger.
  • Pomegranate seed oil is very good for skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and also helps treat sunburns.
  • Pomegranate seed oil helps rejuvenate hair fibers, strengthens them and keeps them healthy.

The Uses Of Pomegranate Oil

Among other of its uses, it can be used in salads and various dishes.

The Secrets of Nature

Your Health Under Nature’s Care

Sunflower Oil

Suitable for  hot and cold temperatures

Smoking point: 160 ° C (320 ° F)

Sunflower oil is among the most used oils in our kitchens and it is directly related to our health.

Oneva uses carefully selected sunflower seeds from Turkey for the production of sunflower oil by cold pressing. Through cold pressing the oil preserves all its values.

All what we are trying to explain to you, would be better demonstrated by dipping a piece of bread in the  Oneva sunflower oil.

Besides its usage in the kitchen, a small amount of the annual production of sunflower oil is used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Sunflower oil contains among others lecithin, tocopherols, carotenoids and waxes. The properties of sunflower oil are typical to those of other triglyceride herbal oils. Sunflower oil is light in taste and appearance as well as has high  vitamin E content. It is a mixture of unsaturated monoacids with unsaturated polo acids and has low levels of saturated fats.

The distinctive features of Oneva sunflower oils, obtained through cold pressing:

1. Only high quality sunflower seeds are used picked from safe sources.

2. Oneva Sunflower seed oil is totally pure produced with by cold pressing.

3. No preheating of seeds: the sunflower seeds are not preheated before being processed, which would lead to higher production and lower cost, but would decrease the values.

Oneva Sunflower Seed Oil is not exposed to temperatures higher than 40 ° C during production.

4. A 100% natural: without chemicals, additives, flavorings, and unrefined

5. Oneva  Sunflower Seed oil, are cold pressed which preserves the primary qualities of the seeds.

6. Oneva oils are produced in a modern factory certified with ISO 22000, according to the regulations of food protection and under the supervision of food engineers.

Sunflower Oil Benefits

  • Dietary and Cardiovascular benefits

Sunflower seed oil is rich in vitamin E and has  low levels of saturated fatty acids. The two types of sunflower oil are: linoleic and oleic (high). Linoleic sunflower oil is an ordinary cooking oil with high levels of unsaturated fats. It is known for the bland taste it has and the low level of trans fats. High oleic sunflower oil is known for its content of 80% or more of unsaturated monoacids.

New versions of sunflower oil are produced as hybrids with linoleic acid content. They have lower levels of unsaturated monoacids compared to other sunflower oil. Hybrid oil has lower levels of saturated fatty acids compared to linoleic sunflower oil.

Skin protector

Sunflower oil as well as other oils make it possible to moisturize the skin. It also forms a protective layer that resists infections for newborn babies. Studies have been conducted on newborns born underweight, whose skin is more susceptible to infections.  Studies showed that babies whose skins were regularly treated with sunflower oil, were 41% less susceptible to skin infections in the hospital.

Improves Heart Health

Sunflower oil reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and the risk of cardiac strokes.

A Natural Source Of Energy

Sunflower oil provides a large amount of natural energy. By throwing a few spoons of  sunflower oil into your lunch salad, you will feel more energized at school or work

Reduces The Risk Of Infections For Kids

It reduces the risk of infections in premature or underweight babies.These infants are at risk of infections due the underdevelopment of the skin and other organs. It serves as a protective layer for the skin.

Reduces Free Radicals

Another great benefit is that it neutralizes the free radicals that cause cancer. This is possible because of vitamin E and tocopherols found in sunflower oil. Free radicals damage the cells and the immune system.

Natural Moisturizer

Vitamin E is a very good moisturizer and helps cells absorb water.

Treats  Arthritis

If you have arthritis then sunflower oil may be the solution t. Sunflower oil helps prevent rheumatoid arthritis.

Prevents Asthma And Colon Cancer

Sunflower oil prevents asthma and colon cancer. By regularly adding it to your diet it will help prevent colon cancer.

Helps Maintain A Healthy Nervous System

Sunflower oil contains vitamin B, which is very good for maintaining a healthy nervous system, helps digestion and high in energy.

Lowers Cholesterol

It contains lecithin that is very good for keeping cholesterol levels low. This is made possible because lecithin attaches to nerve and cellular projections, thus preventing cholesterol from being able to attach there.

Prevents Different Types of Cancers

Carotenoids present in sunflower oil help prevent cancer of the uterus, lungs and skin. They also help prevent cataracts as they are a very rich source of vitamin A.

Reduces Cardiac Problems

Sunflower oil is a good source of selenium if you want it added to your diet. The high levels of selenium in the blood help  reduce the risk of skin and lung cancer. This reduces the risk of cardiac problems and the degradation of the liver.

Improves Overall Health

Rich in proteins  which are essential to the balancing and production of hormones and enzymes.

Sunflower oil contains proteins which are important for our body as it does not deposit them.There are no amounts  of proteins stored in our body to be used when it needs it. This is why we should consume proteins frequently.

Keeps The Immune System Healthy

Another very good benefit from sunflower oil is that it contains zinc. Zinc is very important to keep the immune system healthy,  it helps and heals wounds. Zinc is important to maintain our sense of smell and taste.

Uses of Sunflower Oil

Cold pressed sunflower oil can be used both in cold and hot temperatures. Can be used in various ways and widely used in cooking and dishes. It is added in garnishees and salads because of its unique aroma.

It is a natural moisturizer used in aromatherapy and massages.

The Secrets of Nature.

The Most Efficient Routine For Your Daily Skin Care

The use of the  Natural Soap is done 1-2 times a day.

Dampen the face first with lukewarm water to open the pores to have a thorough wash.

Make soap bubles  by rubbing the soap in your hands end then apply the foam on your face ( do not use the soap directly on the face).

Lightly massage your face with circularly movements in order to clean your face really good.

Rinse the face with plenty of lukewarm water and finally use cold water to close the pores.

Apply a apple vinegar toner with a cotton ball.

If you feel a burn do not worry, the vinegar increases blood circulation of the face, disinfecting the skin and stabilizing its ph.

After 2-3 minutes rinse your face again

Dry it carefully

We apply some  cream to restore the oils that were eliminated while washing the face with soap.

The face is in optimal condition to absorb all the properties of the herbal oils that are found in the a 100% Bio cream.

Walnuts are one of the top 10 foods during Pregnancy. Do You Know Why?

Because of the presence of elements such as: Omega-3 in high amounts, Vitamin A, B1, B2, C, E, F, PP,

Carotene ( a natural immunostimulant),

Mg (anti-stress element),

K (arterial blood stabilizer),

Zn (responsible for well functioning of the gut, regulates the level of testosterone in the blood),

High iron content, phytonutrients, antioxidants, etc.

The Walnut:

1- Promotes overall health and  development of the fetus

2- Helps the  development of the nervous system; it increases  focus, word and speech recollection, strengthens the memory, and cognitive responses by increasing the intelligence scale.

3-Helps In the well-development of sight

4- Prevents asthma and eczema

5- Prevents cases of underweight births

6-Helps the development of bone and collagen

7- Prevents pregnancy hypertension, postpartum depression, and protects blood vessels.

8- Walnuts contain melatonin which helps treat sleep disorders.

9-Helps the production and increases the  volume of breast milk

All these values ​​are guaranteed a 100% by  Oneva Walnut Oil,

Of the highest quality of production, immediately since the first spoonful you will try.

Just a teaspoon a day and you’ve  already gotten the best supplement for your baby’s brain and development.

Prepared by: Pharmacist Msc.Eriona Xhaferaj

Soap That Dehydrates The Skin. Why Should We Use It?

Soap That Dehydrates The Skin. Why Should We Use It?

Many people complain about using soap because it dries out the skin

Does the problem lay in the soap you use or your skin type?

Surprisingly the answer is:

– None of them.

Let’s explain it a little further!

While using soap to wash our face we remove 4 elements simultaneously:

  • Impurities
  • Microorganisms
  • Dead skin
  • Oil

When using soap,  oils are remove, leaving that dehydrated skin sensation,  especially since the reproduction of oils is slow for the facial skin.

In many cases in oily skins, soap does not stabilize the production of oils, actually it increases it through negative  “feedback”.


The use of soap is indispensable for skin hygiene, due to its properties that we have mentioned at:https://secretsofnatureltd.com/al/perkujdesja-e-perditshme-ndaj-fytyres-varesi-apo-domosdoshmeri/

Removing the first three elements is important , BUT the oils removed should be immediately replaced.

So by using soap we  clean our skin but lose oils that nourish it.

If we do not replace them then that is what causes the problem and dehydrates our skin.

The Creams  of the “Secrets of Nature”  are a 100% Bio-prepared with herbal  oils which are the ideal solution to nourish and replace the oils lost, without  the addition of any unnecessary synthetic substance on your face.

If you do not have one of these  creams at the moment, then you can make use of natural herbal oils to provide your skin with the minimal skincare.

For dry and normal skin types you can use: Almond Oil, Sesame Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Apricot Oil, Walnut Oil etc.

For mixed and oily skin types you can: Katami Oil, Apricot Oil, Hazelnuts etc.

For oily faces the usage of specific  herbal oils is important because with their properties they stabilize the production of oils.

For the most effective way to your  daily skincare, read the link below:http://sekretetenatyres.com/menyra-efikase-ndaj-kujdesit-te-perditshem-te-lekures-se-fytyres/

High quality  oils produced by  Oneva that preserve all the natural values, provide you with the best nutrients for your Facial Beauty.

Prepared by: Pharmacist Msc. Eriona Xhaferaj

The Secrets of Nature,

Your Skin Under Nature’s Care …

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Which Ages Can Use “The Secrets of Nature Creams”?

Among other factors that change with age,   skin rejuvenation is one of them.

Depending on the age, skin rejuvenations happens:

During childhood: within 14 days

During adolescence: within 21-28 days

Middle ages: within 28-42 days

Over 50 years: within 42-84 days

Facial skin rejuvenations  is directly affected by the nutrients that are at the disposal  of the skin, because blood cannot reach superior areas of facial skin easily.

Read further at:


The longer it takes for the skin to recover, the more nutrients the skin needs..

This way, we guarantee it maintenance, prevent and prevent complications that arise from aging and carelessness

1- During  childhood due to the fast recovery  rate of the skin, hygiene is very important, while using herbal oils after a shower or a bath provides the skin with nutrients.

Oneva, Leader in oil  production in Turkey and a global competitor brings you a  100% pure, unmixed, unrefined, without conservative, cold pressed  (without preheating the seeds), preserving the oils without losing the its original values, ​​making them safe for consumption, and safer for  your baby’s skin.

Well known oils for this purpose are:

Coconut oil

Sesame  oil

Apricot oil

Almond oil

Protecting your child’s skin from sunlight exposure is another very important factor that should not be neglected because recovering from its damages is difficult.

2-Adolescence is characterized by hormonal outbreaks which take their  toll on the skin and increase fat production.

Also during this period the skin renewal time is prolonged.

These sudden changes should be handled before they further advance damaging the skin .

Hygiene remains a necessary condition at any age, but the use of oils during this period is necessary because the rejuvenation time is prolonged.

Depending on  the changes in fat production of the skin, the oils that can be used are:

For dry and normal faces: Almond Oil, Sesame Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Apricot Oil, Walnut Oil etc.

For mixed and oily faces: Katami Oil, Apricot Oil, Hazelnuts  Oiletc.

When skin is prone to acne, it is necessary to use creams that prevent acne and the scars they leave behind

The Secrets of  Nature bring you  a 100% Organic oil-based Creams of the Highest Quality and Without Any Synthetic Additives in its Formula.

They are customized according to the needs of your skin.

The absence of synthetic substances make these creams suitable for any age, due to their high nutritional value and due lack of side effects.

If during childhood caring for your skin is not something that depends completely on you, adolescence is a key moment to not  neglect skin care in order to prevent damages which would require high intensity treatments and are expensive, later on.

3- Middle Age: Skin renewal from 28-42 days.

Middle age is characterized by an even longer period for skin renewal.

If hormonal outbreaks were the risk factor for skin problems during  adolescence, the duration of skin rejuvenation during middle age is crucial factor that requires attention.

The skin needs to take nutrients from the outside  due to the skin’s properties mentioned in the article above .

If daily care is not present then  the skin will be under the direct influence of the internal and external factors, which will soon leave behind signs of negligence.

Do not wait  till you are 30, don’t wait for the first signs of aging to do something about your skin.

A 30-year-old skin uncared  for up to this age, is not the same as one which has been looked after, but do not worry, you are still in time to help your face.

The biggest fears that  makes many reluctant people to use creams are due to the  fear of synthetic substances widely used by the Cosmetic Industries, which have side effects.

This problem does not exist for the creams  of The Secrets of Nature.

The “Secrets of Nature ” creams are 100% bio,  with no Synthetic Ingredients, based on Oneva Oils of the highest quality, a 100% pure, unrefined, and without preservatives.

They are custom made by a Professional Pharmacist.

Only one  oil by itself has countless nutritional values ​​for your skin … Imagine now  how much values these creams contain when they are made up of a mixture of these oils, customized according to the type of your skin.

If during adolescence they can be used according to  your skin problems, for middle ages they are necessary to nourish your skin, prevent skin problems and delay  signs of aging.

4- Over 50 years:

If uncared for 30-year-old face differs greatly from a 30-year-old treated face,  what can we say for age 50 and up ???

The Creams of the  “Secrets of Nature ” at this age can greatly nourish the skin, moisturize and prevent  the further appearance of wrinkles,but if the skin was taken care of in its due time, it would definitely look even younger.

Prepared by: Pharmacist Msc. Eriona Xhaferaj

The Secrets of Nature Creams relieve you of Stress and helps you sleep.

The Secrets of Nature  Creams contain essential lavender oil.

Lavender has anti-bacterial, and anti-mycotoxic properties,  it also tonifoses, rejuvenates the skin and is suitable for all skin types.

Lavender essential oil treats  skin problems like acne, burns, scars, psoriasis, eczema etc.

It’s  also one of the most used oils in aromatherapy

Inhaling the aroma of lavender even for 5 minutes decreases   cortisol levels by 24%. Cortisol is a hormone responsible stress, increases blood pressure, reduces immunity etc.

According to studies done  by some German and French doctors, lavender helps you fall asleep.

They recommended the use of this essential oil against  nervousness, anxiety and depression.

According to studies conducted by the University of Miami,  lavender scents increase beta waves in the brain, which are responsible for tranquility and relaxation.

It reduces depression and boosts cognitive performance.

In 2001, studies conducted  at the University of Osaka Kyoto,  indicated that lavender reduces mental stress and increases vigilance.

In the Secrets of  Nature creams, the aroma of lavender essential oil is very distinctive.

The Secrets of Nature creams not only cares for your skin but also releases you from stress, helps you relax and fall asleep.

A 100% Pure and Organic Essential Oils

The Secrets of Nature bring  you a 100% Pure and Organic Herbal and Essential Oils.

The Essential Oils are produced by the Austrian company,  Sonnentor, in full compliance to REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals).

Lavender Essential Oil and Its Health Benefits

Lavender Essential Oil and Its Health Benefits

Lavare is the Latin name of Lavender which means to wash, due to its characteristic odor and its use since ancient times for washing.

The health benefits of essential lavender oil include its ability to calm the nervous system, relief pain, scalp and skin disinfection, increases blood circulation, and  treats respiratory problems.

The essential oil of lavender is extracted from the lavender flower through distillation. The lavender flowers have been used since ancient times as spices because of their aroma.

Its essential oil is used to make perfumes, for aromatherapy, lotions, gels, infusions, lotions and soaps.

Health Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil:

Insect Repellent

Lavender scent for many insects,  is very strong and disturbing scent for many of them, especially for mosquitoes.  

Apply a bit of essential oil on the skin then leave the scent to spread out in order to keep the mosquitoes.

When you are bitten by mosquitoes. Apply some essential oil to the area and it will lower reduce the itching and irritation of the skin.


Essential lavender oil stimulates sleep and in alternative medicine is used to treat insomnia.

Many recent studies showed  that essential lavender oil regulates  sleeping patterns when sleep medications are replaced with a few drops of essential oil dropped on the pillow.

The Nervous System:

Lavender Essential Oils have a aroma that soothes and relaxes the  mind, making lavender an excellent tonic that calms the nerves and reduces anxiety.

Lavender also helps treats migraines, headaches, depression, nervous tension and emotional stress.

The refreshing aroma removes fatigue, nervous disturbance, and in the meantime, boosts mental activity.

A study conducted, found  that people who inhaled essential oils of lavender and rosemary before entering an exam had a significant  reduction of mental stress and anxiety, and also an increase of cognitive functions.

Face Skin Care:

Lavender Essential Oils (found at  the “Secrets of Nature” also as a Creams) has anti-bacterial, anti-mycotypic, anti-inflammatory properties and increase blood circulation of the face.

These properties make lavender oil effective in treating acne, infections, eczema, psoriasis, acne  scars, wound healing and scars, light skin burns, and so on.

Pain Relief:

Essential Lavender Oil is known as an excellent treatment for pain caused by pulled muscles, rheumatism, ligament damage, back and waist pain.

Regular massages with essential oils also helps relieve limb pain.

A study  conducted on post-operative pain, showed  that the patients who inhaled a combination of lavender essential oils with oxygen had a significant  decrease in pain levels compared to those who received only oxygen after surgery.


Lavender essential oils are also good for treating urinary disorders because it stimulates urine production

Moreover, it helps balance  hormones and reduces urinary bladder inflammation, also called cystitis.

Relieves pain symptoms caused from these disorders.

Respiratory disorders:

Lavender  oil is widely used to treat many health problems such as throat infections , cough,  the cold, asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis, dry cough, laryngitis and tonsillitis.

It can be used to inhale its vapors or by applying it directly on the skin of the neck, chest and shoulders.

Essential lavender oil helps remove  secretions produced by the respiratory tract and through its antibacterial properties it fights infections of the respiratory tract.


Lavender  essential oil removes  lice.

It also can be  used to treat hair loss, especially those who suffer from alopecia, an autoimmune disease where the body prevents the formation of hair follicles.

A study done in Scotland reported that more than 40% of patients  who suffered from alopecia, but regularly used essential lavender oil saw an increase of hair.

In many cases, lavender oil is recommended to prevent typical hair loss of men.


Some studies conducted on rats, showed  that essential lavender oil in combination with other essential oils could prevent breast cancer.

Though human trails have yet to be done, its anti-cancerous properties are visible.

Blood circulation:

Lavender essential oil improves blood circulation and  lowers blood pressure. This is because it calms and relaxes the nervous system when it is inhaled.

In diabetic patients, the smell of  lavender essential oil, reduces the risks  of low blood circulation which can lead to lethal vcomplications.


Lavender is widely used for digestion because it increases food mobility in the intestines.

This essential oil also stimulates the production of gastric fluids and bile  thus helps treat digestion problems, gastric pain, colic, flatulence (gassess), vomiting, and diarrhea.


Regular use of essential lavender oil or using lavender flowers in teas increases  the resistance against many illnesses.

With its antibacterial and antiviral properties, lavender  is very effective against some rare diseases such as Tuberculosis, Typhoid,  and Diphtheria, based on some 20th century studies.


Like many other essential oils, essential lavender oil should be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

It must not be used by people who are allergic to lavenders.

Some people may experience nausea, vomiting or headache.

May cause allergy to people with sensitive skin.

Despite many health benefits, the use of lavender essential oil is only for external use or through inhalation.

It should not be be consumed orally  as it may cause serious health complications with breathing, eye burns, vomiting, diarrhea  and so on.

Regardless of the health benefits,DO NOT  use lavender essential oil in meals or foods.

Prepared by: Pharmacist Msc.Eriona Xhaferaj

A  100% Pure and Organic Essential Oils

Coconut Oil For Mothers & Their Babies

“Coconut oil contains high amounts of lauric acid, a saturated fatty acid which has high antibacterial properties and strengthens the immune system of the fetus during pregnancy, for babies who breastfeed when consumed  by their mothers and when coconut oil is added to the milk formula.

Women during pregnancy and who breastfeed should consume coconut oil  and add it in their meals. “

Dr. Claudia Pillow, ModernMom.com

There is no doubt that breast milk is the best food for babies. Its nutritional qualities  and values are closely related to the mother’s diet.

It is important for the mother to eat  healthy in order to provide the baby with the necessary elements for  his or her well-being.

Including coconut oil in the diet of the mother increases the nutritional values of the breast milk.

Coconut oil is rich in medium fatty acid chains, which increase the absorption of nutrients present in the mother’s diet and stimulate their transfer into milk. These fatty acids are naturally found in breast milk, but the more their concentration increases, the more the milk is enriched with nutrients like minerals, vitamins and β-carotene.

Besides the  fatty acids mentioned above, coconut oil enriches breast milk with lauric acid, known for its antimicrobial properties. Along with capric and caprylic acids  found in milk, lauric acids help strengthen the baby’s immune system.

Coconut oil functions as a multivitamin and mineral compound that greatly enriches breast milk and makes it suitable for treating problems arising from malnutrition and stimulates  weight gain for children .

You can start using the coconut oils during pregnancy and continue it even after birth, so that both you and your baby can benefit from this dear friend to your health.

The consumption of coconut oil during pregnancy affects the immune system of the mother and the fetus due to its lauric acid content.

Applying coconut oil continuously to the skin through massaging it  helps prevent and treats skin stretch marks and irritation that associate pregnancy.

Coconut oil is a good nutrient and moisturizes damaged hair.

Coconut oil also treats nipple scars and wounds.

Consuming up to 3 tablespoons of coconut oil a day effects the milk production.

Adding a spoon of coconut oil in the bathtub and  a few drops of lavender essential oil makes the bath more moisturizing and relaxing.

Coconut oil calms the stomach, reflux, treats digestion and constipation problems.

Mixing coconut oil with 1 drop of lavender essential oil is recommended to calm  hemorrhoids caused during pregnancy.

Coconut oil  when regularly consumed helps keep diabetes under control, and reduces nausea.

Add coconut oil in the milk  formula to boost its nutritional values.

Some babies experience pain and itching when their teeth starts to grow. To avoid this, apply some coconut oil on the affected area.

After giving your baby a bath use coconut oil to moisturize  the skin and prevent irritations and rashes, especially around the diaper area.

Coconut oil can also be used to remove dead skin cells and dehydrated scalp plaques on the baby’s head.

Use coconut oil to treat mycotic mouth infections by applying it on your baby’s mouth or on your nipples.

Apply coconut oil on the skin of the baby in case of eczema or other skin problems.

The following mixture will help you clear stuffed airways:

¼ cup of (coconut oil) oil

5 drops of  tea tree Oil

10 drops of rosemary essential oil

10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil

Use this mixture to rub the chest of the baby. A very effective and safe result can also be achieved  when you rub your baby’s feet with this mixture before putting their socks on.

Prepared by: Pharmacist Msc. Eriona Xhaferaj

The Secrets of Nature,

Your Health Under Nature’s  Care!