Benefits and Properties of Apple Vinegar ​​- Report TV “Rreze Dielli”

The full interview of Pharmacist Eriona Xhaferaj for Report TV, where she explains; “Why Apple Vinegar should not be missing from our tables”

(A detailed material about its innumerable valeus)

Unfiltered  and organic apple vinegar is rich in enzymes and good bacteria that promote good digestion and good functioning of the body.

Traditionally it is  used for the stimulation of blood circulation, liver detoxification, immune system support, blood purification and lymph nodes, relief of sore throat and mucus extraction from the body.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, prescribed apple vinegar combined with honey for case patient with a cold and cough.

It is appropriate both for dietary regimens and for people with diabetes, as it contains little calories and sugar, as most of the sugar is consumed during fermentation.

The health benefits of apple vinegar are attributed to its properties, such as:

– Antibacterial

– Anti Inflammatory

– Probiotics

– Hypoglycemics

– Detoxifying

– Immunostimulatory

– Balancing pH etc …

For more take a look at the video below  where we unfold a bit of the Secrets of Nature.