Bee Pollen

What is Pollen advised for

• Pollen is recommended to be used for child development delays . It is recommended 5-10 grams of pollen per day, which favors the development and strengthening of the bones and the development of the nervous system.

• Reproductive problems in males. Regular pollen consumption increases sperm count and improves sperm production. It is advised because it prevents impotence in men (impotence because of  age), helps reduce stress, lack of nutrients, fatigue, prolonged emotional tension, insomnia, etc.

• Premature menopause. Pollen contains estrogenic substances and has a curative effect on visible irritations that appear during this phase.

• It also helps regulate the functioning of the digestive tract and improve hemorrhoids and vein disorders.

• High content of vitamins, enzymes,  which help stimulate immunity and prevent cancer.

• Pollen stimulates the activity of digestive tract, regulates its work and function. But it is also recommended to be used for diarrhea or digestive tract infections. The cure for this is easy , 7-14 days, a small spoons of pollen  before meals.

o Rheumatism. Besides a rich died with  fruits and vegetables for this disease, it is  recommended 5-6 regimens with pollen for a period of 30 days each.

o Pollen has shown to be very effective in chronic and acute  prostate adenoids. It also increases potency. A long treatment (minimum 60 days) is recommended , with 10 grams per day, combined with royal bee jelly (100 mg per day).

o Depression and fatigue. 3-month of pollen consumption leads to improvement of internal sensations and depressive thoughts. Pollen reduces alcohol dependency. A dose of  15-30 grams (1-2 spoonfuls) per day is recommended, which lasts for 30 days with 15 days of rest between each therapy period, then you can start the treatment again. Helps in bowel movement and  burning calories.

• Also, pollen increases appetite and help to gain weight.

o Arteriosclerosis, increased cholesterol, problems with the circulation of blood in the brain. In these disorders, pollen has shown to be effective  if consumed regularly. It should be mixed with honey before intake.

• Anemia, has a significant impact on this disease  if consumed for a long time and accompanied by royal bee  jelly and honey.

o Pollen has proven to be an  effective treatment of jaundice as well as for regenerating  and toning of the skin.

o Breast and uterus cancer. Eases symptoms and strengthens the immunity. It is advisable to use 10-20 grams per day.

How to store it?

Pollen  should be stored in a glass jar away from sunlight, because light leads to loss of its therapeutic values. The ideal storage temperature should be 0-4 grade in the refrigerator.

Use the pollen with care

Over the past 10 years, the number of people with  pollenallergies has increased.

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