Apricost, Keeps Cancer from the Hunz Tribe At Bay…

Researchers and scientists have often stopped to assess  the diet of indigenous peoples and have discovered “the secrets of their health and well-being.”

To highlight the values of apricot seeds and their oil, dr. Krebs mentions the Hunz tribe, located in the northern part of Pakistan.

Members of this tribe, consumed apricot seed as part of their daily diet, in abundant quantities, as the apricot tree was very widespread in their area.

The average life expectancy of this tribe was over 100 years and for them most diseases were unknown, especially, cancer.  Dr. Robert McCarrison, a British surgeon, reports that he did not encounter any cancer cases in the Hunz tribe members, and this according to him was due to the rich diet of apricot seeds and vitamin B-17.

A natural substance, widely mentioned for its  anti-cancer properties, but heavily dismissed by the pharmaceutical industry is the so-called Vitamin B-17 or labeled as Amigdalina by the biochemist dr. Ernst Krebs, since it is technically not a vitamin.

Amigdalina is found in abundance in apricot seeds. When you eat apricots, try to crack the husk and inside you will find a soft seed, will leave you with  a bitter taste in the mouth. Vitamin B-17 is also found in apples, pears, peaches, plums, cherries etc, After enjoying the fruit, you can also consume the seeds you find inside the husk.

It is repeatedly mentioned that  Amigdalina contains cyanide and can be metabolised into toxic substances during metabolism in the body. But is this true?

Amigdalina consists of 4 parts: 2 parts glucose, 1 part benzaldehyde, and 1 part hydrogen-cyanide. Cyanide-bound formulations, such as Amygdalina (or even vitamin B-!) They are not toxic, but they become such if released in free form.

Normal and cancerous cells differ greatly from each other, but the main difference lies in the way of energy production, involving different enzymes. Normal cells contain Rhodanese enzymes as catalysts in energy processes.

This enzyme neutralizes the benzaldehyde part and the amide of hydrogen cyanide, turning it into useful nutritional ingredients, such as thiocyanate and benzoic acid. In cancer cells, the enzyme involved in energy processes is β-glucosidase. This enzyme removes benzaldehyde and cyanide from the glucose parts as well as from each other, creating toxins that kill the cell itself. This action is similar to the  so-called “natural chemio”.

As stated above, to say that Amigdalina is dangerous because it contains cyanide, it is as if  to say that glucose, which contains in its molecular structure CO (carbon monoxide), can kill.

We can take another example,  vitamin B-12, which is in a cyanocobalamin form, meaning it also contains cyanide in its structure, but it is widely used to boost energy level of athletes. Vitamin B-12 is involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions and its absence is related to cancer risk.

In fact, doctors and health experts associate the emergence of cancer precisely with the emergence of essential nutrient deficiencies in the body. Adjust the balance of nutrients and your body will be able to heal itself.

Apricot seeds and  the Amigdalina they contain, adds value in the list of  therapeutic measures for treating cancer.

Today, modern technology has enabled the enrichment of our diet  diet with Amigdalina, making it easily accessible through apricot oil.

It is recommended to use a 1-2 teaspoon of oil per day.

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prepared by:

Pharmacist Msc. Eriona Xhaferaj

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