All I Need is … Secrets of Nature

Health & Beauty is a daily topic for many,

But to be able to take care for it with a 100% natural products is a dream for many, especially these days where synthetic products have saturated the market.

At the Secrets of Nature, dreams come true: ” Natural Care Filled with Vitality …”

With  the moto “0 CHEMICAL” and under the professionalism of  Pharmacist Eriona, we work every moment to bring you “Nature’s  Nectar” into any Natural Care products that we offer:

1. Miracle Hair Mask

2. Healthy Hair Mask

3. Beauty Day Cream

4. Beauty Night Cream

5. Lady-Day Cream

6 .Lady -NightCream

7. Under the Eye Lady Cream

8. Lady Face Mask

9. Lady Face Scrub

10. Lady Face Tonic

11. Lady Natural Soap

12. Acne-Off Natural Soap

13. Acne-Off Face Tonic

14. Acne-Off Cream

15. Golden Natural Soap

16. Deodorant

17. Sensitive Natural Soap

18. Natural Baby Oil

19. Nipple Cream

20. Hand Cream

21. Hand Propolis Cream

22. Black Seed Natural Soap

23. Lavender Natural Soap

24. Vanilla-Caramel Lip Balm

25. Cinnamon Lip Balm

26. Peppermint Lip Balm

27. Healing Cream

28. Anti-Mycotic Cream

29.Heel Cream

30. Buzz-off Balm

But that is not all …

Keratin hair cream is in the final stages of the formulation, before launching into the market. We are working hard under the slogan – 0 Chemicals – in order  to also produce a 0 chemical keratin Shampoo.

UV sun protection creams are also in the formulating   process, along with the summer set products.

And all this could not be achieved without the high quality ingredients, not just according to this country’s standards, but according to ONEVA’s global standards, which brings extra virgin oils, that are:

1. Produced through cold pressing, preserving all the natural valeus

2. Standardized with ISO 22000, the world’s highest FOOD standard

3. 100% Pure

… We bring nature to your homes ….

Not only do they contain nutritional values, they are  also useful for treating early stage diseases and can be used as supportive therapies  for many other diseases, this includes:

1. Fig oil

2. Olive Oil with Turmeric and Olea Europaea (40 to 50 times more potent than normal Olive Oil)

3. Pomegranate oil

4. Grape oil

5. Pumpkin Oil

6. Linseed oil

7. Black Seed Oil

8. Coconut oil

9. Katam  oil

10. Sunflower oil

11. Sesame oil

12. Walnut oil

13. Almond oil

14. Hazelnut oil

15. Plum oil

16. Apricot oil

A great natural care product is also Argan Oil, exclusively from the Secrets of Nature directly from the Moroccan farms, cold-pressed and ECOCERT Certified.

Also German teas and various products from the Aroma-Zone of France, Rose Water, Sandalwood Fragrant Comb,  and other products and tips remain to be discovered by you at the Secrets of Nature.

The Secrets of Nature,

Your Beauty and Health Under Nature’s Care…