The critical eye of the pharmacist makes its way to “Oneva” products by Tirana Times

This time, the founder of “Secrets of Nature”, Eriona Xhaferaj, tells her story how she got into contact with the products of “Oneva”, well-known internationally for their high quality.

“As I was preparing products with 0 chemicals, I wanted to keep them in proper conditions. After many efforts, I failed to find the much-needed glass equipment’s, so I made my way to Turkey. Before I left, I searched on the Internet a lot. “Oneva” was one of the things I came across. The first time I browsed “Oneva” webpage, it was for me like falling in love at first sight with the “quality of its products.” My conviction was reconfirmed after checking with other brands trading oils. But “Oneva” made a difference in every aspect.

The quality of products starts from the professional and wonderful staff of “Oneva.”

“We do not send our products in whatever place.” – These were the words of “Oneva” Manager showing once again how much importance this company puts in every details from the collection of seeds to the consumers. “Oneva” does not receive the grapes’ seeds from the wineries but from the companies producing grapes ‘juice in order to have seeds free from any possible chemical impact.

This element but many others as well made me feel safe about the oils of “Oneva” brand. My visit in their factory was another moment which convinced me about the fully modern technology on Cold Pressed, applied by “Oneva”.

With a full conviction, it can be stated that the “Oneva” oils have the highest quality of oils on the Albanian market because:

  1. They are produced by a contemporary technology of Cold Pressed by maintaining all the values of the seeds ;
  2. They are 100% Pure , without being diluted with other oils
  3. They are standardized by the highest world food standard of ISO 22000
  4. Lastly, they are certified by GMP

All these elements guarantee a product to be totally qualitative and certified. These are elements which everyone should check in an herbal oil product before buying it.13325740_1614702698857201_3061555018064268092_n

The coconut oil remains one of the most preferred ones in the summer. It contains a lot of SPF and helps in getting an evenly sun- tanned skin. It feeds, maintains, hydrates and protects the skin from various diseases. It can be used as a body cream which not only nurtures but gives to it the exotic small of coconut. It is heavily used from the infants by adding it to their milk formula to the elderly as a way to fight the chronic diseases.

It also heavily helps in avoiding the vomits which is mostly come across during the summer.

Surely all the other oils such as that of black seeds, grapes, pomegranates, figs, nuts, hazelnuts, plums, apricots, sun flowers, olives etc are fantastic. “Oneva” Oils are the first secret of success in my cosmetic products. Without a qualitative raw material, you cannot have a qualitative product.

I feel very happy that God made it possible for me to meet “Oneva” and its excellent people in the right time and in the right moment.”

Ziya BOSTANOGLU, International Marketing Agent for Oneva products:

“I have worked with Oneva since November 2012. I have experienced that Oneva is one of the leading cold pressed oil mills in the world scale with its quality products and innovative aspects. They sell what they produce. They don’t make trading of oils produced by other vendors.

In nutritional oil business there are plenty of producers. But quality is always a question mark. Because there is a though competition in the market. This leads producers to manipulate quality of the products produced. There are nut and seed oils even in European markets with prices cheaper than of that particular nut or seed itself. Therefore, the consumers shall be very careful when buying these kinds of oils. On the other hand, it is a must to consume only unrefined extra virgin nutritional oils for supporting and preserving our health.

What is extra virgin? It means that the seed is pressed only once and process temperature shall never exceed 40OC. This is costly for the producer. Because the yield is lower. There is still an oil residue in the meal. But the quality of this oil residue is not as high as oil quality derived in the first run. It is very interesting that there is no analysis to differentiate this fully from pure extra virgin oil if mixed with it. You shall trust the producer only.

Refining is another subject to be avoided. It enables producers to use a wide variety of seeds for production even much lower quality. But due to high temperatures in the refining process the nutritional essential fatty acids in oil lose their values. Therefore, Oneva is very sensitive about extra virginity of its oils. In addition, Oneva never uses any additives to prolong shelf life of its products.

On the other hand, Oneva is an innovation company. Oneva has launched fig seed oil in last year. Fig seed oil has been produced for the first time. It is the highest Vitamin E containing oil ever known. It has been awarded as one of the most innovative products in Anuga 2015 in Cologne (Taste15) among thousands of competitors. Similarly, Oneva has recently launched fold packs for one time use which is a very new and innovative product. Each fold pack contains 7 ml oil. So, consumers can use it for their daily nutritional oil intake. These packs will be also used for drizzling oils onto our fresh salads. It also help to preserve oil always fresh in comparison bigger packs like bottles. Because each fold pack is for one time use.

Scientists call Oneva’s oils as “precious oils”. The term “Precious oil” is a terminology in nutritional oil world for describing smartly produced oils with full native characteristics. Oneva always try to produce oils with untouched nature. “Untouched nature” is like a motto for Oneva.

Let me share a personal experience about Oneva grape seed oil. If one spoon of Oneva grape seed oil is consumed , it is equal to consuming approximately 165 g of grape seeds. Therefore, if you consume it when you feel getting cold, it supports you within two- three hours time. I have experienced this. How this happens? Because oil has all nutritional fatty acids of the grape seed without any damage of the nature of them. When you look Oneva’s grape seed oil, it has higher viscosity and a native smell in it when compared with similar products. In fact, Oneva’s oils can also be called as “superfoods” with these distinguished characteristics. These kind of oils shall be taken regularly each day in small quantities to preserve the health.

I personally believe high quality nutritional oils are the most important component of “well food” concept. Because what we eat composes of approximately 30-35 % of oils as per WHO. When our oils are replaced with healthy oils, it means that a long way is driven through easily.”

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