Acne is commonly known as Acne Vulgaris and constitute the most  common skin inflammation. The excessive fat production from the lipid glands in the skin, along with dead skin cells, block the facial pores and create a suitable environment for  bacteria development on the skin. This then causes skin inflammation, which presents with rash, irritation and the typical acne.

The most typical areas where the  acne appear are the : Face, chest, back/ shoulder. In young children, the appearance of acne comes as a result of their high skin sensitivity and the use of creams inappropriately .

Internal factors that affect the appearance of acne

Hormonal Changes: Especially during adolescence, sexual hormones cause an overproduction of oils through the fat  glands found in the skin. Acne may also appear a week before menstruation, during pregnancy and during menopause.

The overproduction of male hormones in women cause multiple disorders such as excess hair growth, menstrual disorders and premenstrual acne outbreaks.

Emotional Stress: This is a dominant factor for many  people that causes acnes.

Diet: A nutritionaless diet increases toxins in the liver and intestines.The increment in toxins causes a decrease in immunity which breaks many balances in the body, resulting in multiple disorders. Such disorders also appear on the skin.

Fast Food(high in fats), salted chips, sweets (especially chocolates), and alcoholic beverages, have low nutritional values  and cause the emergence of acnes.

Genetic Factor: The excessive  production of fats by fat glands   may also be due to genetic factors.

Medications: Acne may also be erupt because of some medications such as oral contraceptives, cortisone, antibiotics, etc.

External factors that affect the appearance of acne

Environmental: The skin is in constant contact with the environment, which  directly affect skin conditions. High temperatures (causing the body to sweat which create a  suitable environment for the development of skin bacteria).

Not suitable cosmetic products: Abrasive soaps, which cause skin damage; the use of synthetic cosmetic products with harmful ingredients, especially xenoestrogens (estrogen-like substances found in synthetic cosmetic products) are factors that cause the  appearance of acne and the escalation of skin health.

Acne Treatment

To treat acne till they fully disappear, it is necessary to avoid the  factors that caused them. Definitive results require a relatively long time as acne are a last link in the chain of skin disorders Their complete extinction will come after all the preliminary links have been restored to their proper functioning.

Maintain a healthy diet  and avoid the foods mentioned above.

The consumption of  linseed oil, black seed  oil etc. not only remove toxins from the body, but also supply the cell with the necessary  and vase elements..

Linseed also naturally treats hormonal disorders.

Avoiding emotional stress through physical exercise, walks, faiths and beliefs, etc.

Hygiene is an important factor that prevents acne deterioration. Washing the face with soap at least once a day is necessary to remove the  excess oil. Use non-abrasive soap and rinse the face a couple of times a day only with water.

The face should not be touched with bare hands because they  contain impurities and acnes should never be popped with bare hands.

Pay attention to the  synthetic products you use on your face, as many synthetic substances  cause acne deterioration.

The use of  a 100% herbal creams helps nourish the skin cells, and restore  its well being.

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