“Absorbent C”

Do you know why you feel tired even when you wake up from sleep?

Did you know that the lack of vitamins causes wrinkles in and hair loss ?!

The solution to these two problems is Vitamin C and for many more…

Many studies have shown that the  lack of Vitamin C causes fatigue when you wake up, hair loss, and premature wrinkles …

Now available at Nature’s Secrets, Absorbent Vitamin C tablets

Absorbent-C contains 100% vitamin C  extracted from papaya, orange and other bioflavonoids in combination with oat bran.

The combination of oat bran with vitamin C enables maximum absorption of vitamins.

It has been proven that oat bran also helps reduce cholesterol.

Absorbent C Tablets for Children and Adults Provide  the Daily Amount of Vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system and stability, reduces stress, also hinders the harmful effects of smoking and polluted air.

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