5 Golden Tips for a Healthy Skin !!!

We all need to break the routine, work is not everything , we need to make sure we  feel good with ourselves, feel beautiful, taken care and above all Natural …

Protect your skin from harmful sunlight, avoid direct sun  exposure, always apply a SPF cream. We would also suggest using Argan oil, since it is  a powerful anti-wrinkle which has a protective sun ray factor .

Do not smoke, smoking makes your skin age faster and lose its elasticity which contributes to wrinkles. Smoking constricts  small blood vessels, reducing the amount of oxygen and nutrients that are important to skin health.

Take Care of the Skin with Delicacy

-Don’t take long  hot baths or stay too long in the shower

-Use natural soaps, as soaps with chemicals irritate or even damage your skin.

-After showering, use tonics  which you can combine with an essential oil or a moisturizer for the face as well as for the entire body.

Eat Healthy, Try to Follow a Diet that Contains More Fruits and Vegetables which directly affect your skin’s freshness.

Massage your face, head and body before sleeping with essential oils, they have a relaxing, anti-stress effect, and nourish the skin to its deepest layers.

Your Health Under  Nature’s Care

The Secrets of Nature